You've found my freelancer page, thats great! I have been filming weddings for the past five years and have filmed over 230 wedding events.

This is a relationship business, if I hired someone who was an amazing shooter, but didn’t dress the part, was on his phone all the time, arrived late and didn’t have a positive attitude, I wouldn’t bother hiring him or her again. I wouldn’t like it if someone I hired did those things, so I make sure I don’t do those things either.

I have filmed full 18 hour Hindu and Sikh weddings on my own and have directed four man camera teams with myself included.

Shooting Style

As a Videographer it's important to be able to adapt to what the client wants, anyone who's worked with me will tell you I come geared for war. By no means does equipment make you a better story teller as knowledge, creativity and experience will win every time over gadetry. However companies often like to hire me for my spectacular eye candy shots, especially with my glidecam. I would certainly describe my style as cinematic, lots of sliding, gliding and jib motion shots, at the end of the day good composition and lighting will be key. If I were to film some guests mingling for example, I would first of all walk around with my glidecam as if the viewer was an actual guest there, then I would put on either a 24-105mm lens on a monopod on a 70-200mm lens on a tripod to capture medium close ups on the guest. After which I would raise my monopod to the cieling to get an overview of the room and then perhaps one or two slider shots from outside of the room looking it


plus expenses

10% penalty fee if not paid within 30 days of receiving the invoice

Wharton Weddings at work Wharton Weddings at work


  • Sony A7s Cameras x 2

  • Canon 5D mark iii (on request)

  • Zhiyun crane 2

  • DJI Ronin M (on request instead of Zheyun crane 2)

  • Kesslar Crane portable pocket jib traveller (on request)

  • Ifootage Shark sl slider (on request)

  • Canon 50mm 1.4

  • Canon 16-35mm 2.8

  • Canon 24-105mm 4.0

  • Canon 70-200mm 2.8

  • Small HD 502 Monitor

  • Miller Compass 12 3 stage tripod

  • Manfrotto Fluid head Tripod

  • Manfrotto Fluid head Monopod

  • LED light panels x 2

  • Zoom h6

  • Zoom h1 x 3

  • Rode Link Pro

  • Lapel Microphones x 1

  • Sony FS7 (additional £120)

Wharton Weddings at work Wharton Weddings at work


Where are you based?

I am based in Watford, England.

Do you drive?

I do indeed.

Are you happy to work anywhere?

Yes, I primarily shoot in London and the Midlands but I am also happy to take on destination weddings for a negotiated price. Inf act, I’ve filmed in Kenya, Norway, Wales and Australia.

What kit do you shoot on?

My list of equipment can be found in a list above. Two Sony A7S cameras.

Do you require a deposit?

50% Deposit

How will I get the footage?

However you like, I am happy to shoot straight onto one of your SDcards, most commonly I back it up on two hard drives and send you one of them first class, once you have backed up the footage from the drive you will need to send it back to me.

What are you like to work with?

I’d say I’m very easy going, I like to double check what angle everyone is going to be getting so I can get a different one, it’s a relationship business, and people do their best work when they’re having fun.

What information do I need to provide to book?

Start time:
Finish time:
Type of wedding (Hindu, Sikh, Christian etc)

What if I want to book you but the couple have not confirmed anything?

Not a problem! Just simply let me know the times and location of the event and I will pencil it in my calendar, if someone else tries to book me in for that date I will contact you first to find out if they have made a decision yet, if they have not, I will be obligated to take the other job. I do like working on a first come first serve basis though.

Wharton Weddings at work Wharton Weddings at work